Simple Pleasures

As I was sat at the beach today the sun shining (in England!) I began to think about the simple pleasures in life, but not just the breaking of the top of a crème brûlée. Pleasures like family, friends and the pure pleasure of being able to enjoy the life that you already have. I didn't need to be in Portugal with some fancy drink. It was blissful and being there with a good fish and chips was all anyone could ever really need in life.  Maybe one of the reasons I thought of this was due to my DofE over the weekend, being someone who is a keen camper and has not a bad word to say about the outdoors, I was still unbelievably thankful to return home to my cosy bed and trusty heated blanket which i think is one of humankind's greatest inventions. If this weekend with a rucksack, which I could literally fit inside, has taught me anything it is to appreciate what I have already, without the comforts of home you end up missing it ten times more and miss those people who tell you to continue trying. So I write this as a plea to all of those who constantly are looking for the newest "necessities" in life, just stop and for a moment look at how lucky you are to have this life and everything that has ever made you smile, from the smallest laugh of a stranger on a beach to your family and loved ones. Life is fantastic and we should all stop looking forward to what we need and live with what we have  in the now

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