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From Left to Right: Victoria's Secret Hello Darling Perfume MistJo Malone English Pear and Freesia,  Elizabeth Arden PrettyHugo Boss Woman

As summer arrives and the sun begins to shine I love putting on a summery fragrance to suite the weather. I personally like sweet floral scents in the summer and have picked out my favorite summer perfumes to share with you.

Firstly is the Hello Darling Victoria's secret body mist which I actually picked up in a sale although I can't remember the price I paid. However even at it's usual price of $14 (around £8.00) for 250 ml I think it is a great price for what you get. It is a sweet fruity scent which although the label says is white nectarine, smells more like mango to me. As this is not a perfume the smell doesn't last a very long time but in my view is the perfect summer scent if you need a refresh or are popping out for a few hours.

The next one I would have to say is my absolute favorite perfume. It's light and floral without being too sweet smelling and to me just epitomizes an English summer with flowers and undertones of an apple or pear scent hinting through. The smell doesn't last an amazingly long time (roughly half a day) but a little goes a long way. I got this in March as a Birthday present and with frequent use have only used about one eighth up. Although this is on the pricey side at £39 for 30ml I would highly recommend it as it just makes you immediately feel special. 

The Elizabeth Arden pretty scent is again very floral scent with a few fruity undertones which lasts all day which is great in the summer as it keeps you staying fresh. I don't know how much it was as it was a present and does not say on the website so if anyone knows please comment below. I also love the packaging of this product as it has a flower design on the lid and looks so pretty on any desk or shelf

The last of my summer favorites is the Hugo Boss Woman scent. Although this is again a little more pricey at £55 for 125ml it is a lovely less traditional summer scent. With tones of apple, honey and a slight woody scent I feel it is perfect if you want something a bit different. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and comment below what your favorite perfumes are. I finish my exams on this Friday (the 13th) so will try to post more after that and will try to stick to more of a schedule.

Thanks for reading 
E x

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