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Hi Lovelies,
In co-ordinance with it being summer at the moment I have recently been on my summer hols. Everybody loves tanning on a beach or seeing the sights but less of us love the getting there and back whether it's traveling by boat, train or plane traveling can be tiresome and leave you feeling no longer you. So I decided to share what makeup I take on journeys to stay fresh and treat myself.

1. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
This brush is my absolute turn to brush as I think it can be used for an array of different things. The tightly packed bristles are super soft and it buffs concealer and foundation into the skin so easily and flawlessly. I feel like this one is a great one to take traveling when you may be short of space.

2. Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Perfume Mini
This perfume has been one of my go to summer scents as it is sweet and floral. I feel like little bottles of perfume are perfect for carrying around in a bag for quick top ups throughout the day but is also great traveling as it's so lightweight and small.

3.Pocket Mirror
I'm not sure where this came from as it was a gift from a friend but I love having a cute little pocket mirror with me as having a nice one rather than just a plastic free-bee somehow feels much more chic and elegant.

4. Benefit Bad Gal Mascara
This mascara is great for traveling as it adds length to the lashes without making them clumpy leaving a somewhat natural look which doesn't weigh your eyes down, which in my view is always better when traveling. I find this mascara a lot better than the rest of the world's prefered benefit choice being the They're real mascara which I find is too wet and sticky and have never got great results with. This one however I find is easy to apply with the big brush and lasts all day.

5. Fit Me Concealer
This is my everyday concealer as I think it does a great job covering up blemishes without being too thick and greasy. I also think that it is fab for travel as it is easy to use to brighten the eyes or to cover up blemishes rather than just doing one or the other. I also prefer tube concealers when traveling as I think they are much easier to apply quickly to the skin.

6. Eyeko Skinny Mini Eyeliner
I have a larger eyeko eyeliner which I use on a daily basis and it is my go to eyeliner for a perfect wing so you can imagine my excitement when I found this little one. The size is obviously convenient for travel and I love the cute silver packaging. When traveling eyes often look dark and baggy so I find making them pop with some eyeliner really good. This type of eyeliner is in my view more easy to apply so perfect for bumpy rides.

7. Dior Addict Lip Glow
Last but not least is my favorite product from this list above and one that I would definitely recommend investing in. This product with it's light pink tones has some sciency stuff inside it so instead of being one set colour each time it changes to a slightly different shade and so far it hasn't disappointed leaving a natural look with some glossy shine also. I find it is also pretty moisturising so great for long journeys.

Thank You for reading and I hope you enjoyed what are your travel essentials?
P.S look out for part two where I'll be sharing my favorite travel skincare with you

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