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Hi everyone,
I recently uploaded a post on my makeup travel treats which you can find here but decided that I needed to show you how I keep my skin feeling clean and fresh while travelling. As well as a trusty pack of makeup remover wipes which I feel is pretty essential I decided to show you what other skincare goodies I take with me when traveling.

1.Body Shop Moringa Body Butter
I think a body butter is pretty essential to any travel list and I feel like a good body butter like this one is much more convenient to take when you may be short of space rather than packing endless different creams. I really love the scent to this as it is very refreshing and helps you to feel bright eyed and bushy tailed.

2.Clarins Body Lift 2000
If you're like me and can't leave your house without pretty much all of your "essential" possessions then you'll know that bags can get pretty heavy. After lugging suit cases around all day I find this is great as it really soothes muscles and firms the skin. It has a good minty smell to it also which a think is accountable to the cooling effect it has when applied.

3. Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream
This is yet another free-bee I picked up from somewhere or other but I have to say I quite like it. I have been using it primarily as a face cream and I think it sinks into the skin really quickly and easily leaving it feeling super soft without feeling greasy.

4.Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2
This is one of my daily skin care products as it is really good at removing all the excess dirt and grease from your skin especially if you have blemish prone skin like mine. After quickly wiping over your face you quickly feel clean and refreshed. Plus this mini version makes it easy to take it with you anywhere!

5.Soap and Glory Hand Maid
Taking a hand sanitizer is pretty obvious when travelling and I have to say this is my favorite it smells good and doesn't dry my hands out  and I hope does the job well. (Also the name of the product is in my view a great pun so that makes it completely worth buying right?)

Thank You for reading this. What are your travel essentials?
E x
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