Luna Cinema and Benefit

A couple of weeks ago a friend and I went to a luna Cinema and Benefit event and had an absolutely lovely evening. For those of you who haven't heard of the luna cinema it is an outdoor cinema which moves around different destinations in England.  We decided to go and see the Breakfast Club as neither of us had seen it before and both decided that watching an old school film would go much better with the setting. The showing was at the Madison Restaurant (which much to our excitement has appeared on MIC). After a quick and delicious dinner at Byron to fill us up we hopped into the glass elevator which took us up to the top floor. Once we reached the rooftop it's safe to say the view was pretty amazing as you can see from the photos. So after taking a few obligatory  shots of our surroundings, we curled up in our blanket which I'd say was needed as it did get a bit nippy at times and watched the film which we both thought was great. Overall it was an absolutely fantastic evening and one that I think could be enjoyed with friends or would make the coolest date. Thanks to Maddy for taking me, and to Luna Cinema and Benefit for hosting this great event! Hope you all enjoyed this post speak soon!
Emily X

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