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With bold and defined eyebrows seeming to be  all the rage at the moment, and with it being difficult to get the right balance nicely bold and shaped, and looking like you've scribbled them in with a Sharpie, I decided to go on a hunt for some products that would make it quick and easy to get defined and shaped brows. So after a run around boots I picked these two up.

 The first is the Soap and Glory Brow archery which I had seen a lot of on the blogosphere and had been eyeing up for some time. I got it in the shade Brownie Points which I find a good match for my dark blonde brows. It has a retractable pencil at one end which is great for adding a bit of emphasis to the brows and doesn't make them orange as I've found many other brow pencils do. The other side is a thin brush which is great for adding smaller details, and I found makes achieving those perfect arches a far more archievable (pardon the horrendous pun) task.

The second is the Maybelline Brow Drama in the shade Dark Blonde. After using my friend Maddy's (Unstichedd) Gimme Brow from Benefit and being impressed with the results I'd been tempted to buy it, but with a rather high price tag I couldn't help but have a scout around for a cheaper alternative. There seem to be quite a few alternatives around but the colour on this matched my brows best and with a price tag of around £5 was something that I couldn't resist. And safe to say it hasn't failed me, it is easy to use and gives some emphasis and good shape to a brow which stays all day. It is also great for getting very natural looking brows as it simply adds emphasis to what is already there.

Overall I am very impressed with both these brow products and they have both become staples in my daily makeup routine.

Thanks for Reading!
What are your favorite brow products?
E xox

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  1. I'm loving the Anastasia brow pencil, its super precise! But the soap and glory one sounds amazing!

    1. I really want to try that one I've heard great stuff about it! But the soap and glory one is very good

  2. Great review! How would you say the Maybelline Brow Drama was compared to the time you used Gimme Brow? I don't know whether to invest or if the Maybelline is just as good...

    Alabaster and Onyx

    1. I'd say they were pretty similar, the Gimme Brow gave a bit more colour to the brows but the way both shape the brows and hold them in place I've found to be much the same :)


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