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With February seeming to have flown past and spring now upon us it's finally time to put those dark berry reds shades away and dust off our pastel and nude polishes. One that I'm particularly looking forward to wearing throughout these spring and summer months is the Chanel Nail Colour in the shade Rose Cache. It's light, rosy pink shade is, in my view, perfect for a daily polish and gives a bit of shine and colour to nails without being too much. I've found the formula itself to be really good as easy to apply and lasts a good few days without chipping. At just under £20 I accept that it is pretty pricey for a nail polish but, would make a lovely gift, with the beautiful colour and gorgeous packaging is enough to make anyone feel indulged. 

Whats your favorite nail polish?
 Emily  xox
(P.S. Excuse the excess of floral photos but the flowers were too pretty to resist putting in) 

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