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Spring is officially here and with the emerging sun and flowers so too emerges those bright, glossy spring lips a concept for me, an avid nude lipstick wearer can seem a little daunting. Bright lip glosses, in particular, would normally evoke memories of a younger self smearing glittery, Barbie pink glosses all over my lips, not a good look, as I'm sure you can imagine. However, I have been pleasantly surprised by these glosses. The one on the right is in the shade Lip Lover and is a light pink shade with a little pearly shimmer to it, the other is the shade Framboise Etoile which as the name hints to is a berry red shade both are not highly pigmented to just add a dash of colour to the lips. I'm also a great fan of the formula of these as once on it feels more like wearing a lip balm and has the moisturising qualities of one also. While personally, I find these a little intense colour wise to wear on a day to day basis, I think they would be lovely for a more formal event as the bright colours and dewy finish add a little pop of colour and hint of gloss to anyone's make-up.

What's your favourite Lip Gloss?
Emily xox

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  1. These look lovely, I really like the Tanya Burr lipglosses! X

  2. These look lovely, I really like the Tanya Burr lipglosses! X

  3. The red shade is so nice! nominated you for the Liebster Award, because I think your blog really deserves it! Check out my post here:

    Sorry if this seems like spam; it's not:) xxxx

  4. Thank you :) and don't worry it doesn't seem like spam xx


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